Is hiring an intern the right move for your business? Interns can be incredibly helpful for a business: they perform many duties for your company, such as being a marketer, an accountant, an analyst, a project manager, a budgeting clerk, a human resources specialist, and many other roles. Most tasks that interns accomplish will have an impact on your company’s business processes, creating buzz around your company and bringing in new clients while keeping new and current employees happy. 

Not only do internships help businesses, but they help students and graduates as well. Internships allow students to start developing their professional and leadership skills that’ll help them further their careers upon graduation. They also bring in fresh eyes that will help benefit your business in unique ways.

Increased Productivity

As mentioned before, hiring an intern will offer a new perspective on organizational problems and ways to improve that others may not have thought of before. Interns are bright sources for new ideas and challenges for operations that might not be working. Is the way you do things in your company now not working how you’d like them to be? Interns can provide fresh input on these processes and offer ways to improve that’ll best suit both your business and client base. This can apply to internal and external processes, the products and services your business offers, and much more. 

Choose an intern for your business based on what you need. If you want the best of all worlds, create an internship program and hire an intern for each department to receive the full benefits of internships.

Future Employees

What is a better way to find and be confident in new talent than to test them through an internship? Hiring interns will expose you to new, up-and-coming talent in your field of operation and potentially give you someone to convert into a full-fledged employee once their internship is completed. This isn’t a guarantee that they’ll become your employees, however, nor can former interns skip out on employee training—you’ll still have to train them for their new position once they’ve finished their internship.

However, successful internship programs offer a chance to get ahead by recruiting in the summer before the program itself begins. Start interviewing potential interns in the fall, about eight to nine months before the program starts, then challenge those you hire with actual work.

Increased Networking

Once an intern leaves the program, the benefits your business receives don’t stop. Hiring interns is a great way to let your employees network with other like-minded people in your industry; it also lets your employees meet with a variety of people in a new environment. These networking opportunities can lead to promotion, a pay raise, and sometimes a new job. Bringing interns into your company will ensure that you have the best employees in your organization.