In 2020, the number of crimes reported at colleges and universities increased by two percent. These alarming numbers compel us to rethink the value of campus safety. It’s also important to remember that student life is at the core of campus safety.

To address the issue of campus safety, the government has enacted various laws and regulations. These regulations and rules are also tied to federal grants, such as Title IV. To ensure that colleges follow these rules, they should regularly update their operations.

Current Campus Law and Regulations

  • Title IX requires colleges to address discrimination in education programs and activities. 
  • The Clery Act requires colleges to provide annual statistics on fire and crime on their campus. 
  • The Violence Against Women Act also requires colleges to address the issue of sexual assault. 

Importance of Campus Safety

A strong campus security program is also vital to colleges’ recruitment efforts. Without it, they might not be able to attract the right students. As the first step in addressing the issue of campus safety, colleges should review their policies and procedures. 

In addition, the administration should also look into developing a comprehensive sexual assault prevention program. It should take into account the various forms of sexual assault. Finally, they should have a policy against drug and alcohol abuse.

Proper Training

Colleges should develop a comprehensive training program that focuses on various safety issues. These include sexual assault awareness, active shooter readiness, and mental health, and it is essential to note that most federal laws require colleges to address these issues.

Policies and Procedures

Besides providing fire and crime statistics, colleges should also publicize their policies and procedures in their annual security report. This will allow prospective students to make informed decisions regarding the institution. These procedures include handling sexual assault complaints, reporting criminal activities, and providing emergency response and evacuations.

Implementation of Campus Security Authorities

The members of campus security authorities are responsible for collecting and reporting crime reports. These reports are then investigated by the police and are submitted to the Department of Education for publication. The crime statistics are used to measure the overall safety and security of the institution.


In addition to having a well-functioning security program, colleges must implement adequate safety measures. Doing so can help prevent students from being at risk of harm. In addition, failing to comply with federal and state laws could result in the institution losing grants and penalties.